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Ray S., Akron:

“As a hearing aid wearer for many years, I have seen several audiologists, but none have displayed the professionalism, knowledge, service, or commitment to quality that Dr. Smith has. The hearing aids I have gotten from him have been, by far, the highest quality of any I have had-with no malfunctions, failures, or “technical issues”. When a minor adjustment has been necessary, Dr. Smith has always been readily available to service my needs. He is efficient and compassionate, and his office staff is always kind and professional. I would highly recommend Audiphone to anyone.”

Joey K., Akron:

“I’m very well satisfied with the services, staff, and help with my hearing that I’ve received from Audiphone over the past 30 plus years.”

Margaret P. Brunswick:

“Dr. Smith and his staff have been excellent to work with and he fit me with the best hearing aids I’ve ever had! Sounds are more clear and I hear conversations much better now. I would recommend Audiphone and Dr. Smith if you’re looking for an audiologist who listens to your needs instead of just trying to sell you hearing aids. He went the extra step to find the best solution for my needs.”

Bob B., Copley:

“Years ago I was fit with hearing aids and was not satisfied. In fact, I never wore them. Then I came to see Dr. Brian Smith and was fit and have been extremely satisfied and well pleased. My family and friends notice a big difference and now I wear my hearing aids all of the time.”

Ron O., Akron:

“Audiphone is the place to go for a professional hearing evaluation, amazing service and quality products. The staff truly cares. I have been to other hearing aid offices in the past and Dr. Smith tops all the service I have ever received.”

Michael S., Akron:

“I want to express my appreciation for the time you spent advising me on hearing aids. Going from having one aid to now having two has greatly improved my enjoyment of movies and sports. I can now carry on conversations with people sitting on either side of me and I hear so much more of the dialogue at the theater. The hearing aids are not only effective but Dr. Smith made them affordable as well by working with my insurance. I also want to thank your staff as they are always courteous. P.S. I will refer friends to Audiphone.”

Dolores H., Richfield:

“Thank you, Dr. Smith, for your kindness and expertise. I am delighted with my new hearing aids!”

Tom S., Green:

“I had tried hearing aids from another company but still had difficulty understanding conversations. Dr. Smith took the time to explain to me the best options for my situation and now I know what it is to hear better. I can’t believe the difference compared to the hearing aids I had before, and I’m understanding conversations so much better now. Thank you Dr. Smith! I highly recommend Dr.Smith at Audiphone Company of Akron for anyone considering hearing aids.”

John N., Fairlawn:

“Former owner of Audiphone Company of Akron. I still go there because of good service.”

Rosemary D., Akron:

“Wow! No more asking “Please turn up the volume on the TV”-That’s because Dr. Smith recommended new technology for new hearing aids to me. I thought my older ones were great but these are absolutely wonderful. I hear everything. Making life so much better.”

Penny A., Akron:

“I love hearing again!!! Dr. Smith has been so wonderful during this process-which was very easy. I could not imagine going anywhere else! P.S. The Audiphone staff is great also.”

Edward S., Akron:

“Words cannot describe the happy smile my mother made when she received her new hearing aids from Dr. Smith. A truly professional, caring person.”

Harold J., Wadsworth:

“I didn’t get my hearing aids from Dr. Smith but I will when I need new ones. I made an appointment with him for a second opinion after my current provider quoted me an extremely high price on a repair. Within minutes Dr. Smith had my hearing aid working better than it had in a long time .His integrity, professionalism and willingness to listen made for a pleasant experience. Not once did he try to sell me on something new, he just wanted to help me. I highly recommend Dr. Smith if you have any problems hearing.”

John K., Akron:

“If you are looking for a hearing aid program that is thorough, accommodating, professional and personal, Dr. Brian Smith and his staff will be the right fit. His products are current and very competitive. Check it out and feel the difference.”

Marie T., Akron:

“When I am out with my family now, I’m in the conversation, rather than asking what they said. I also like that you cannot see my hearing aids. I did go to other places, but I knew that Audiphone Company of Akron was the right choice for me.”

Betty C., Copley:

“It is a real thrill to be able to use my left ear again! I was always told that I could not be helped with a hearing aid in the left ear, but Dr. Smith fit me with a hearing aid that works well”

Robert W., Akron:

“I have been a client of Audiphone Company for nearly 30 years and have always been happy with the products and level of service. As a business professional, having hearing aids that provide me with the best assistance is crucial and Audiphone Company has exceeded my expectations with the latest hearing aid technology. Brian and his staff do not sell me products for my hearing loss, but rather, provide me with solutions to make my hearing loss have less of an impact on my life.”

Billy W., Fairlawn:

“I have previously worn hearing aids, but they bothered me because I felt plugged up and did not hear any better. When Dr. Smith fit me, I was surprised immediately with how comfortable the hearing aids were and continue to be. I hear better too! I am very pleased with the care Dr. Smith has provided me and I would highly recommend him to anyone who asks”

Dr. Emilio F., Kent:

“I have been treated for 10 years with excellence and have always been treated well by the staff and audiologists at Audiphone.”

Jackie B., Akron:

“I have been coming to Audiphone Company of Akron for the past 34 years, always receiving good service and I love this place!”

Muriel P., Fairlawn:

“I am very happy with my hearing aids and the service I receive. When I need help, I can get in to see Dr. Smith quickly.”

Janet M., Fairlawn:

“I see how other places are only interested in selling you hearing aids. Dr. Smith did a wonderful job explaining the possible solutions that would help me with my hearing loss. We also discussed the best hearing aids for my lifestyle. The cost of the hearing aids was reasonable compared to other places. I would highly recommend Dr. Smith and Audiphone.”

Glenn B., Sherrodsville:

“The Audiphone staff is friendly and I always receive prompt service when needed. I really enjoy my new hearing aids and would highly recommend Dr. Smith and Audiphone.”

Delores M., Cuyahoga Falls:

“Dr. Smith is very knowledgeable, explains everything completely and is very concerned about the outcome of your problem.”

Thomas S., Tallmadge:

“I have been coming to Audiphone for almost 40 years due to their personal attention to my hearing needs. Dr. Smith recently fit me with new hearing aids and I cannot be more pleased with how comfortable they fit and how much better I hear. I highly recommend Dr. Smith if you are looking for new hearing aids.”

Carl B. Northfield:

“I have been coming to Audiphone for almost 40 years with my family and for myself. Over that time, I have been very happy with the products and services I have received. I did wear hearing aids prior to the ones I received from Dr. Smith, but was never as happy with the performance as I am now.”