Hearing Aids

Audiphone Company carries all available hearing aid styles and technology levels.

However, our philosophy is that a successful hearing aid fitting is more than just selecting the correct device for your hearing loss, but the Audiologists managing the process of rehabilitation.

From the clinical assessment of your hearing loss; to the programming of your hearing aids; to the follow up care provided after your hearing aid fitting; you will be seen by Professional Audiologists with advanced training and masters or doctoral degrees.

Your hearing aids will be programmed to your current exact hearing loss.

You will be instructed on the proper insertion and removal of your hearing aids, changing the batteries, changing the volume and programs in your hearing aids (if needed) and care and maintenance of your hearing aids.

Warranty information will be provided.

Two weeks following your initial fitting, the hearing aids will be further fine-tuned based on your listening experiences with amplification. Then, every six months, further follow-up will be scheduled, to check your ears for excessive ear wax, clean and check the hearing aids and make any necessary computerized adjustments to provide optimum hearing benefits.